A History of Healing

Hypnosis has been used since the times of the Egyptians, in surgery during the American Civil War, and in childbirth.  We find ourselves in various states of hypnosis throughout the day when we daydream, miss an exit on the freeway, or go looking for a snack after watching a tv commercial.


Professional hypnosis helps create a link between the good intent of your conscious mind and the messages of the subconscious.  It continues to be used successfuly to create new habits, eliminate unwanted behaviors, and achieve the ability to relax and sleep, which is so important to healing and good health.

Pam Matchie-Thiede

Director, Certified Consulting Hypnotist



BS, BA; CH - National Hypnotist Guild



Pam has over 35 years in business with Fortune 500 companies. Her experience as a corporate trainer led her to explore continuous improvement in learning and development methods. Recent breakthroughs in the study of brain science, and documented success with relaxation and positive modeling for behavior management prompted her to study hypnosis, leading to her certification.


Hypnosis has proven to be a safe, practical and effective way to learn a new skill, modify behavior, and create a positive effect on our health.



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